The Verba: the Universal Language Project

The Universal Set Language,
the Language of the TOTAL Universe

This site is related to the site: The TOTAL Universe, the New Paradigm. It presents a Project of a Universal Language, the Verba. The project is partially developed, and the purpose of this site is to publish the works as they progress.

The Verba is a new scientific and technological language, namely the Universal Set Language (see the videos 1 et 2 of the the New Paradigm and this book The ALPHA: the Element, the Generator of all Things in PDF format).

Instead of a multitudeof languages, a language for each field: mathematics, physics, data processing, biology, etc, we have only one universal language, which is faithful to the logic, the structure and the functioning of the TOTAL Universe, to do all sciences. And it is a language which is also to be spoken like any language, English and French for example. It thus combines all the power and all the advantages of the two families of language: on a side the precision and the power of the scientific and technological language, and on the other side the wealth, the smoothness, the flexibility and the user-friendliness of the spoken language.

Only one scientific and universal language in which any other scientific language can be redefined, and only one very open spoken language in which any other language can be easily integrated. The Verba will be able to be declined in various forms, for example a version for each language: French, English, Swedish, etc. And yet, we'll always have the same fundamental language, the same "machine language" (to use an expression which the data processing specialists know), namely the Universal Set Language.

We'll enter a world where we have an infinity of languages (like now) and yet fundamentally only one and same language! The translation from one language to another will be perfect, since all the languages will have the same format: the Universal Set Language. So it will be the end of the Phenomenon of the Babel Tower that characterizes all the current languages.

And also, the issue is that in in the future generations, it will be enough for a child to learn his mother tongue to be also an at the same time a mathematician, a physicist, a data processing specialist, a biologist, etc. Indeed, all the mechanisms of the scientific reasoning, all the logic of the objects and scientific concepts (for example all the logic of the numbers and the operations) are integrated into Verba, which reflects all the logic of the TOTAL Universe. The words, the sentences, the conjugation, the grammar, etc, are not formed any more according to random rules according to the random history of the peoples and their languages, but are formed according to the laws and the functioning of the Universe, of which they are the faithful image.

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